​The Hayes Foundation will review applications four times a year with the following postmark deadlines:
​January 1, April 1, June 1, October 1 

Our board will meet and respond to applications within three weeks of these deadlines. 
Please plan accordingly, well in advance of your program or competition.


P.O.Box  1257 • Rutland, VT 05701 • 802-417-2170


Lorraine Bargmann Metz, Chair
West Rutland

Jane Krate Duda, Secretary

Edward Hasenohr, Treasurer

Debra Gardner Baasch

Amanda V. Mason

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman
Middletown Springs


In 1982, The Walter Hayes, Sr., Beulah Buffum Hayes & Walter H. Hayes, Jr. Foundation (now known simply as "The Hayes Foundation") was organized to provide educational and financial support for bright and motivated children living in Rutland County, Vermont. Walter H. Hayes, Beulah Buffum Hayes, and their son Walter Hayes Jr. were residents of the Rutland area for many years. Mrs. Hayes taught children in several communities and Walter Jr. attended public schools through his graduation from Rutland High School in 1940. The Hayes Foundation is a private state-chartered foundation created for the purpose of carrying out the intentions expressed in the will of Walter Hayes Jr., specifically, to assist in the education of the youth of Rutland County, Vermont, with a special emphasis on assistance to intellectually gifted children.

​Highly able and intellectually motivated children are encouraged to seek rich and challenging learning experiences. THE HAYES FOUNDATION provides a variety of resources for these young people and their families:

• Furnishing information about suitable programs that challenge and nurture intellectual promise
(see our
Resources page for suggestions)

• Offering need-based financial grants to support the learning experiences of children who demonstrate
intellectual promise.

The Hayes Foundation looks forward to hearing from the young people of Rutland County. The Board meets regularly to discuss applications for support. In the years since our founding, the Hayes Foundation has provided hundreds of Rutland County children with challenging and enriching educational experiences and financial support for their learning endeavors.

​​Hayes Foundation grants, including team grants, are available ONLY to youth 18 and under who are residents of Rutland County, Vermont, and out-of-county students enrolled in Rutland County schools.