TEAM grants

Team Grants help teams that have specific goals or achievements in a variety of sanctioned competitions. All team members must reside or be enrolled in school in Rutland County, Vermont.

​Hayes Foundation grants, including team grants, are available ONLY to youth 18 and under who are residents of Rutland County, Vermont, and out-of-county students ENROLLED in Rutland County schools. Rutland County comprises the following cities and towns:  Benson‎ • Brandon‎‎ • Castleton‎‎ • Chittenden‎‎ • Clarendon‎‎ • Danby‎‎ • Fair Haven‎‎ • Hubbardton‎ • Ira‎‎ • Killington‎ • Mendon‎‎ • Middletown Springs‎ • Mount Holly‎ • Mount Tabor‎ • Pawlet‎‎ • Pittsfield‎‎ • Pittsford‎‎ • Poultney‎‎ • Proctor‎‎ • Rutland‎ • ‎Shrewsbury‎‎ • Tinmouth‎ • Wallingford‎‎ • Wells‎‎ • West Haven‎‎ • West Rutland‎

The Hayes Foundation will review applications four times a year with the following postmark deadlines:
​January 1, April 1, June 1, October 1  

Our board will meet and respond to applications within three weeks of these deadlines. 
Please plan accordingly, well in advance of your program or competition.


Throughout the year, the Hayes Foundation selectively supports Rutland County programs and organizations that provide enrichment programming. If you are interested in discussing a partnership, please contact us.


P.O.Box  1257 • Rutland, VT 05701 • 802-417-2170

IndivIDUAL Grants

Individual Grants give highly motivated young people the opportunity to participate in partial or full-year academic and summer enrichment courses, live or online, and selective visual and performing arts programs.


The Hayes Foundation provides two types of grants to young people wishing to pursue areas of interest: Individual Grants and Team Grants (such as for Odyssey of the Mind or Robotics leagues, for example) for teams meeting certain criteria. On a more limited basis, the Foundation also works with selected programs to provide either organizational funding or scholarship support.

The Hayes Foundation considers all programs on a case-by-case basis. We are often asked what type of programs we fund and we hesitate to limit a student’s application if a worthy opportunity presents itself. That said, our
RESOURCES page offers numerous examples to the types of programs we fund.

The Hayes Foundation funds participation in suitable programs that challenge and nurture intellectual promise (see our Resources page for examples). This can include a wide variety of scholastic and visual and performing arts programs (e.g. fine art, theater, music), as well as international travel, if the experience is sufficiently expansive and in-depth.

What we do NOT fund:
The Hayes Foundation does not fund athletic teams, programs, or camps (including dance, gymnastics, and circus programs or camps), and in general is disinclined to fund individual music lessons, “student ambassador” and "student leadership" programs, junkets, field trips, or general tourism (such as teen tours).

If you have concerns that a program you are interested in may not be a fit for a Hayes grant, please CONTACT USbefore preparing an application.

For general procedures or to download applications, go to our
Forms & Info page.