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In addition to grants to individuals wishing to pursue specific areas of interest, the Hayes Foundation considers grant applications from teams participating in specific competitions (e.g. Odyssey of the Mind or First Lego League, among others). 

Team Grant applications are a bit different from our individual applications, and require input from the adult team coaches as well as each individual member of the team. We also request a post-program evaluation from the adult coach.​
Please Note that the Hayes Foundation does not provide grants to adults involved with teams or pay for coaches' travel or other expenses.

Hayes Foundation grants, including team grants, are available ONLY to residents of Rutland County, Vermont, which comprises the following cities and towns:  Benson‎ • Brandon‎‎ • Castleton‎‎ • Chittenden‎‎ • Clarendon‎‎ • Danby‎‎ • Fair Haven‎‎ • Hubbardton‎ • Ira‎‎ • Killington‎ • Mendon‎‎ • Middletown Springs‎ • Mount Holly‎ • Mount Tabor‎ • Pawlet‎‎ • Pittsfield‎‎ • Pittsford‎‎ • Poultney‎‎ • Proctor‎‎ • Rutland‎ • ‎Shrewsbury‎‎ • Tinmouth‎ • Wallingford‎‎ • Wells‎‎ • West Haven‎‎ • West Rutland‎


PDFs can be printed, hand-filled and mailed, or typed directly into the forms and emailed. Please remember to save the forms with YOUR name in place of "Hayes" in the saved PDF's filename (e.g. "OurTeam_GrantApp.pdf").